The Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth, is the supreme law under which the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia operates.

When Great Britain settled Australia, they brought with them their central form of Governance that had operated for centuries.

Before Federation, Australia consisted of six Colonies. Turning six Colonies into the Commonwealth of Australia required an Act of the UK Parliament. The Act that the UK Parliament used to Federate Australia was called; “An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia”, short title “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.”

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp)

The Constitution Act is made up of a Preamble and 9 Covering Clauses. The Constitution Act is an enabling act, in other words, an Act that allowed Australia to Federate. We must understand the difference between the Constitution Act and the Constitution. We also must understand that the Constitution which has sections 1 to 128 is part of Clause 9 of the Constitution Act.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) was given Royal Assent by Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Ireland on the 9th July 1900 and put in force 1st January 1901 at Federation that joined all six Colonies into one big Colony called the Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act is the law that binds every Subject of the Queen throughout the Commonwealth to the Crown. It is and remains the Supreme Law of the lCommonwealth and has 26 pages including cover.

Download a copy of the Commonwealth Constitution Act here: Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

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