Government versus the People, it’s what it’s come down to

Tuesday 10th of March 7:44 PM

Never has the Australian government talked so much about freedom while doing so much to undermine it. The Australian Government is not authorised to exercise the power of life or death... Read more

Magistrates and registrars who exercise federal jurisdiction invalid

Monday 9th of March 8:51 PM

If you’ve ever had court orders made against you (e.g. bankruptcy) by a magistrate or registrar in a federal court, they are invalid as a registrar and/or magistrate fails... Read more

The Titular “Queen of Australia” and the Act of Treason

Sunday 8th of March 9:12 AM

This was written in simple terms to explain how and why the Office of “Queen of Australia” cannot exist at law. In a 1988 Constitutional Commission report it was also... Read more

Private Prosecutions - Can I charge someone with a crime?

Saturday 7th of March 7:43 PM

What happens if someone has perpetrated an offence against you but the police or the public prosecutor is not willing to prosecute the offender? Or worse what if you are... Read more