The Culleton lead judicial review currently before the Royal Courts of Justice UK London, is still under review.

Former Senator Rod Culleton successfully filed in the Royal Courts of London on the 7th of February 2020. The defendants Kim Beazley, Governor of Western Australia and John Quigley, the Attorney-General for Western Australia, were served papers shortly thereafter with 28 days to respond to the presumptions on the table that they have no jurisdiction to sit under the Queen of Australia.

The: judicial review claim form stamped and sealed 14th February 2020

The Attorney-Generals Office (AGO) was contacted for commenting the following Monday after the cut-off date. An employee of the AGO confirmed it was still being assessed by authorities despite going past the 28 day mandatory court process, and that at this stage, no notice of extension of time to file has been received by the complainant.

No further information can be obtained at this time. Further hindering of the matter has been caused by the world wide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak which has seen courts shut down until further notice.

On another note, the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation (OSTF) have come out today in defence of Culleton and the Great Australian Party in a media release stating:

The OSTF witnessed and knowledges the Great Australia [sic] Party (GAP’s) leader, Former Senator (in exile) Culletons’ question on the Senate on the 12th September 2016, in respect of returning governance of the Crowns’ subjects to their original parliamentary sovereign (namely the Queen of the parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – the UK) pursuant to clause 2 of their Constitution to come under the protection within the Commonwealth law.

Further references on the Culleton UK challenge can be read in the full OSTF’s media release dated today 28th March 2020.

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