ScoMo gives the thumbs up

ScoMo to roll back welfare payments come September

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned Australians will need to tighten their belts as the nation recovers from the “coronavirus pandemic.” By Australians, we presume he means everyone but he and other politicians. You see ScoMo has recently announced the government will be rolling back dole payments in September to where they were before this “pandemic” started, which is half of what it is today. So if you finally thought you had room to breath Read more…

Former Australian Prime Ministers

Bill Heffernan: former prime minister a pedophile

Former senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on the 19th of October 2015, that he had a police document that lists 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being pedophiles. Many of the people on the list and otherwise named in the documents were “prominent”, Senator Heffernan said: “They were delivered to me by a police agency some time ago because no one seems to want to Read more…

SGT Report

Unmasking the Queen’s corporate fraud by SGT Report

The corporate propaganda antidote better known as the SGT Report interviews former Western Australian Senator and current Great Australian Party leader Rod Culleton, Victorian GAP Senate candidate Jayden and legal advisor Darren about the corporate fraud within Australia’s political and the legal system involving the titular “Queen of Australia.” Visit the SGT Report.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

Coronavirus Australia: See you in court, border rebels tell Annastacia Palaszczuk

The closure of Queensland’s borders would be declared unconstitutional, unreasonable and discriminatory under a High Court challenge filed on Monday by businesses and individuals who say the state has gone beyond what is necessary to control the spread of COVID-19. The six plaintiffs behind the challenge say the border closure is invalid because it breaches provisions of the Constitution requiring trade, commerce and intercourse between the states to be absolutely free; and that state governments Read more…

World Health Organization

World Health Organization vaccine safety summit for lawmakers

This 56-minute video is condensed from Highwire for easy sharing with your state Representatives, Senators, and US Congressmen and women. Markers are below for skipping ahead. Thank you to Highwire for exposing this conference! 2:00 Dr. Heidi Larson, PhD, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project says the biggest factor in vaccine hesitancy is vaccine safety.  4:26 Dr. Larson: doctors and nurses are “very wobbly” and “starting to question the safety of vaccines,” and it’s a Read more…

Voice of the Australian Constitution

Voice of the Australian Constitution

I am the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia – I am the most important document in this land. Without me, all other Contracts and Agreements are worthless bits of paper … Even your money and the deeds to your home are worthless without my protection. Yes, the very fabric of Your free Australian society is vitally dependent upon me. Perhaps you have never heard of me, or if you have, the chances are you Read more…